Reviving Antoine's
A New Orleans culinary icon struggles to come back after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Oklahoma City: 10 Years Later
The lessons from the Oklahoma City bombing are stark: America treats casualties of terrorism unequally. The heroes of a disaster often go on to become its victims. And the wounds do not ever fully heal.

Race in America
For the first time in U.S. history, a black man has won the highest office in the land. Yet racial tensions and misunderstandings remain the abiding subtexts of many of our national conversations.

22-year-old thrives in world of spam
An investigation unmasks one of America's worst spammers--and leads to a $1 million fine.

Conceived & Edited

Waiting to Exhale
Journal & Courier chronicle of one drunken weekend at Purdue University and the culture of inevitability that enables it.

The Great Chicago Myth
Journal & Courier investigation that pierced a toxic racial myth and challenged some of the community's most fiercely-held prejudices.
"My wife was killed in the OKC Bombing 10 years ago. I just read your story twice & was very impressed. My feelings are that we got the shaft, as Congress handed out millions to the Sept. 11th victims. While I grieve with them hand in hand, it doesn't seem fair. I was a factory worker, working at a meat processing plant at the time of my wife's death. We have a son together, he was 5 at the time. But I had to go back to work & I am still a paycheck to paycheck factory worker. I would like to go back to counseling, but have been told the fund is no more. Thank you for the story & for showing the world the truth."

--Email from the husband of an Oklahoma City bombing victim