"Dear Mr. Witt,
Let me begin by saying how much I admire your work and that I have used it to show my undergraduate journalism students positive examples. I have also shown the online video where you discuss the stories you have covered about racial injustice. Thank you for being an excellent role model for my students (as well as other journalists)."

-- Email from Carolyn Nielsen, lecturer, Department of Journalism, Western Washington University
Interviews, videos and other places of interest

Maynard Institute interview
On the rising influence of the black blogosphere.

Public Journalism Network interview
On the differences between the black and white blogging worlds.

O'Reilly Factor interview
On the Jena 6 fundraising scandal.

PBS Newshour interview
On the Sept., 2007, march in Jena, La.

CNN interview
On the police shooting of an elderly black man in Homer, La.

Chicago Tribune
Howard Witt's story collection.